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 Lark Cooper is a twenty-five-year-old nurse who has been working at Haven Hospital for six months. Unexpectedly, she was assigned a special assignment with enticing perks to an anonymous medical facility named HIC, a branch located at a secluded island in the outskirts of Dublin. It turns out she was sent along with two others, Leila Littleton; a patient’s advocate, and Beatrice Peterson; a medical student. These three girls were sent to the facility with no clear description of their duties. They were soon appointed to nurse technically enhanced mutated men.

Having spent a lot of time together, the three girls soon formed a bond that led them to an astounding discovery; their ‘patients’ weren’t scientifically enhanced mutants but captured supernatural beings. They weren’t transferred to the facility just to play nurses but for a much more surreptitious reason.

In their quest to find out the motive behind their selection, they got caught and experienced a series of horrific and revolting consequences.